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Growing Talented Teenage Racing Drivers with G Force Engineering

-Two Selections from Oceania, One from Switzerland for this season-
G Force Engineering, led by President and CEO Masaru Okazawa, is set to
launch the G FORCE DRIVER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM aimed at nurturing
junior drivers to hone their talents as racing drivers and step up to a higher level
of international racing stage.

In the 2024 program, three drivers have been selected:

Sebastian Manson from New Zealand,
Jesse Lacey from Australia, and
Michael Sauter from Switzerland.

They will compete in the 2024 FORMULA REGIONAL JAPANESE

While the three drivers will be divided into two teams for entry, Masaru Okazawa,
representing G Force Engineering, will take the helm as supervisor, drawing
from his extensive experience as a member of Team Goh in numerous
international races including the Le Mans 24 Hours, as well as his achievements
in domestic top-tier categories like SUPER GT and SUPER FORMULA.

Driving coaching will be provided by Seiji Ara, a Le Mans winner who continues
to excel in events like SUPER GT, while Hiroshi Yuchi, a renowned racing car
designer and engineer in Japan, will serve as the chief engineer.

Leveraging exceptional engineering expertise developed in international racing, G Force Engineering aims to provide various approaches to equip teenage drivers
competing in mid-level formula races with the necessary elements for

The FRJ season will kick off with pre-season joint testing at Suzuka on February
21, where Sebastian and Jesse will make their debut on Japanese circuits.

Two weeks later, on March 9-10, the FRJ opening weekend will feature three races at Suzuka Circuit, marking the beginning of the 2024 season and setting the stage for Sebastian, Jesse, and Michael's battles on Japanese circuits.

Here's what the boys had to say...

Sebastian Manson
“I am extremely excited for the amazing opportunity that has been presented.
Japan has always been a country I have wanted to experience. I believe they
have some of the best tracks in the world. I can’t wait to compete in Formula
Regional Japan. This will be the highlight of my career so far. I’m looking forward
to embarking on it and working with G Force Engineering.”

Jesse Lacey
"I'm incredibly thrilled about competing in Formula Regional in Japan this season.
I'm eagerly anticipating the exhilarating races at iconic tracks such as Suzuka.
It's an honour and a privilege to drive for G FORCE DRIVER DEVELOPMENT
PROGRAM, and I'm excited to meet and work with the entire team."

Michael Sauter
“First of all, I’m grateful for all the supporters, team members and staffs, that I
got this fantastic opportunity. I’m looking forward to the races on amazing tracks
and to the opponent drivers. I was 11 years old as I visited Suzuka Circuit at the
first time in 2015. I couldn’t imagine at that time, that I would come back to
Suzuka for a Formula race. It’s going to be a challenging season for me and
surely a really exciting time with a wonderful team and the best surroundings. I’ll
do my best to fight for the championship.”

We look forward to a great competition...good luck boys! 

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